Our mission

Protection and promotion of the rights and interests of Ukrainian communities in the Netherlands in the field of labour/business and social relations.




We believe in the principle of equality for all Ukrainians who are in the Netherlands under the protection of Temporary Protection Directive, regardless of their status, religion or nationality. We will make every effort to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all.


We consider solidarity an important principle. We will support each other and other Ukrainians in the Netherlands in difficult situations and measures aimed at improving our situation.



We will make efforts to ensure fair working conditions and social security for Ukrainians in the Netherlands. We will advocate for the elimination of discrimination and inequality.


• We cooperate with state authorities and non-governmental organisations of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which share the principles of NGOs • We cooperate with the state bodies of Ukraine on the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands • We cooperate with non-state charitable and volunteer organizations that act in the interests of the citizens of Ukraine and the statehood of Ukraine • We cooperate with business structures of various forms of ownership on the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which share the principles of NGOs and contribute to the implementation of the right of Ukrainians to conduct business and employment and to protect labor rights.