Who are we?
Ukrainians of the Netherlands: Labour and Social Rights is dedicated to advocating for the rights of "Ukrainians of the Netherlands". It serves as a beacon of support and empowerment for the Ukrainian community in this foreign land. Committed to fostering inclusivity and protecting the rights of Ukrainian expatriates, our organisation engages in a range of initiatives, from legal advocacy to cultural awareness programs. With a mission to ensure that Ukrainians of the Netherlands have access to their rightful opportunities and a strong sense of belonging.

What is our goal?
As a united front, we are passionate about achieving equal rights for all Ukrainians in the Netherlands. Our mission is rooted in continuous efforts to promote and expand the rights and opportunities available to Ukrainians in various domains, including business, education, and social integration. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers, advocating for fair treatment, and ensuring that every Ukrainian living in the Netherlands can thrive and contribute to the community.

What we do 

Education rights

We advocate for Ukrainian students' rights to ensure equal educational opportunities in the Netherlands and support tailored requalification programs for Ukrainian residents.

Social rights

Supporting the integration of Ukrainians from Russian-occupied territories, who have chosen to join the Dutch community after losing everything in Ukraine, with a shared aim of contributing to Ukraine's reconstruction in the future.

labour/bussines rights

We are advocating for the rights of Ukrainians in business to achieve the possibility of attaining private entrepreneur status for Ukrainians.


We raise funds for multiple charity programs, assisting in organizing auctions for projects and start-ups.

Become one of our members

If you feel the desire to help and comfort people, join our team to help us fight for our rights

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