In accordance with the goals and principles outlined within the organization "Ukrainians of the Netherlands: Labour and Social Rights," we have assembled a team where each member is a highly qualified professional in their respective field. Our structure features a clearly defined hierarchy, with each team member taking responsibility for a specific direction and reporting solely to the management team, which in turn reports to the Board of Directors. This ensures an efficient organization of activities and maximum accountability for each member of our team. We take pride in the fact that our ideological and professional values contribute to our collective rapid development and the achievement of our shared objectives. Allow us to introduce - this is our team



Dmytro Kompaniyets

Board Member

Dmytro Kompaniyets boasts over 15 years of extensive experience in the fields of law and finance. In addition to his overarching supervisory role, he oversees personnel policies and fosters beneficial relationships for the organization at every level and across various countries.At the heart of the business hub, this individual plays a pivotal role as a personalized matchmaker consultant, harnessing their extensive connections within the business circles of Ukraine and the Netherlands. Drawing on these networks, the seasoned professional excels in the delicate art of forging connections between ultimate buyers and sellers. Their expertise orchestrates synergies that not only facilitate successful partnerships but also navigate transactions with finesse, shaping the future of business collaboration.


Viacheslav Osypenko


Viacheslav Osypenko is our seasoned professional in project management. Beyond his overarching supervisory role, he is entrusted with cultivating the organization's public persona, ensuring a positive and distinctive image. At the core of the business hub, this individual takes on the crucial role of a technical expert and consultant, utilizing their extensive knowledge and understanding of industrial processes. With a wealth of executive expertise acquired from distinguished global industrial entities, notably Tetra Pak, they serve as a conduit, gracefully bridging the realms of Ukraine's industrial sector and Europe. Their mission is to use technical insights and process understanding to facilitate the discovery of the right collaborations within the industrial landscape, fostering connections and facilitating meaningful collaborations.




Organizational Wellbeing Coordinator

As an administrator and psychologist, she adeptly navigate organizational complexities, demonstrating exceptional multitasking skills. Her empathetic approach fosters a positive environment, ensuring effective problem-solving and optimal team dynamics.



Head of our Youth

Anton Zakharov serves as the head of our Youth Division and is also responsible for spearheading the organization's presence on social media platforms.


Nikol Nikolaieva

General Affairs Coordinator

Nicole is our guide in the world of care: she coordinates the team, ensures harmony, and cares for animals affected by the military actions in Ukraine.

Active members of the business hub



Facilitator| Brainstorm sessions for creativity and problem-solving | Neurointegrational coach| Effective onboarding