UA-NL Trade Mission - Rebirth of Ukraine in the Netherlands

UA-NL Trade Mission - Rebirth of Ukraine in the Netherlands

🌟 **UA-NL Trade Mission - Rebirth of Ukraine in the Netherlands** 🌟

Our foundation "Ukrainians of the Netherlands: Labour and Social Rights" is overjoyed to announce the resounding success of the UA-NL Trade Mission, where the spirit of partnership, investment, and trade between Ukraine and the Netherlands flourished at the local level. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Mayors’ Club UMEDA, UKRAINE DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE, and the Municipality of Westland for granting us the opportunity to be partners in the event they organized. 🤝🇺🇦🇳🇱

From April 23 to 27, our Ukrainian delegation, comprising 56 mayors, representatives of municipalities, associations, agencies, and businesses, engaged in a flurry of activities aimed at fostering meaningful connections and exploring promising opportunities. Under the theme "Think globally, act locally," the mission focused on solidifying ties between Ukrainian and Dutch municipalities and businesses.

Led by Mayor Bouke Arends and a dedicated team, the Municipality of Westland played a pivotal role in orchestrating and financing our events, including the highly impactful UA-NL Economic Recovery Promotion Business Forum. This forum, graced by esteemed international speakers, showcased the depth of expertise and the potential for collaboration between our two nations.

Special acknowledgment goes to panel moderators Malou Vijfhuizen and Karel Burger Dirven for steering insightful discussions on Dutch companies' experiences in Ukraine and avenues for project financing.

Our Ukrainian mayors, representing various regions and economic unions, eloquently presented their communities' projects.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands, VNG Netherlands, Enterprise Agency Ukraine, Agriculture and Food Security platform, and volunteers who contributed tirelessly to the mission's success.

Our foundation is tirelessly dedicated to supporting Ukraine in the monumental task of rebuilding its infrastructure and fostering investment development.